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Patient Reviews

The day before Thanksgiving 2013, I was told by my eye doctor that I lost vision in my right eye and she was sorry to say that it was permanent. I left her office to prepare the Thanksgiving feast my family would enjoy the next day. As I was working, I couldn'’t help but think of all the things I would miss, losing my eyesight. I might not get to see my grandchildren grow up or be able to read a story to them. I thought I might not be able to continue to drive, enjoy a walk through a park or read a newspaper or book.

My eye doctor recommended Dr. Joseph Coney, which was a blessing in so many ways. Dr. Coney diagnosed my condition and formulated a plan to improve my eyesight. Under his care, my vision has been restored and my condition is stable.

I also want to express my gratitude for the attention and extraordinary care Dr. Coney’s nurse, Pam, gave me during treatment. She was very knowledgeable and made it possible for me to feel more comfortable getting a shot in my eye.

Elisha was another angel who helped me navigate the demands of my insurance company.  Together Pam and Elisha went beyond ordinary means to see my Lucentis shot arrived in time for my appointments.

Never again will I take my vision for granted!! Thank you for the exceptional care I received!!!

— C.O.