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Patient Reviews

To Dr. Coney and his associates:

My relationship with Retina Associates of Cleveland began in July as an emergency. I was sent to Dr. Coney by Dr. Ravi Berger.   Dr. Berger had done a surgery... and discovered that I had a hole in the retina of my eye. He immediately took photos and told his staff to call Retina Associates on Bagley Road as an emergency.  Dr. Berger's staff had it arranged for us to be seen that very day and that Retina Associates would be waiting for me.

Upon arrival the staff at Retina Associates knew I was coming.  After a very short wait I was seen by a very knowledgeable and professional technician.  She prepared me to be seen and pictures were taken of my right eye.  When the pictures were ready I was seen by Dr. Coney.

Dr. Coney was direct and profoundly professional.  This is where my relationship with Dr. Coney and his staff began.  I knew immediately that I was going to be helped... I was scheduled (for vitrectomy surgery) the following Friday... 

I was treated with compassion and concern by everyone at Retina Associates. No question was a bother to anyone.  My questions and concerns were met with compassion and immediate attention.  I was seen twice during my recovery period as an emergency.  Everyone showed me professional concern and compassion.

Dr. Coney was very nice about my questions as well.  He made me understand that he would do everything he needed to do to make my retina tear heal.  This he did!  As of my (last) visit...my eye is healed and I am going to be OK... I know that if I ever need help again that I will be treated with concern by everyone at Retina Associates.

Respectfully, Dale 


— Dale
Olmsted Falls