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Patient Reviews

Approximately 10 years ago I was referred to a retina specialist (not at Retina Associates) and was diagnosed for retinal vein occlusion in my left eye. A laser procedure was performed but unfortunately I lost sight in the left eye. About a year ago the same thing occurred in my right eye and my optometrist referred me to the same specialist. He informed me that it wasn't bad enough to do anything except wait it out & come back in one month to see if it improves!! 

Well of course I wasn't satisfied with that decision!! I asked him "Isn't there medication or injections or some kind of treatment that can be done?  "No" was his answer.I called my optometrist for a second opinion, and was referred to Dr. Coney from Retina Associates... Dr. Coney was very conscientious as to treatment since I have only one sighted eye... and evidence of glaucoma and cataracts. I was given a thorough examination and explanation of the option of getting an injection in the eye. The (potential) results and prognosis were carefully explained... I opted to take the risk of the injection. Thank God it worked and God bless Dr. Coney!! My vision came back to what was almost normal for me.Without his immediate care I would not have my sight. Dr. Coney led me through a very trying time and I will always be forever thankful to him. I am now progressing with amazing prognosis...

— Donald
New Castle