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Our Retina Associates Family is Amazing!

We are proud to recognize the employees who have faithfully served our patients and our practice for more than 10 years. Congratulations!!

Monique A.

Teresa B.

Jennifer B.

David B.

Robert B.

Tammy B.

Darlene C.

Mike C.

Tracy C.

Tamara C.

Janet D.

Sharon D.

John D.

Kim D.

Mary D.

Kelly D.

Stacey E.

Tina F.

Bill G.

Gregg G.

Belinda G.

Teri G.

Judy H.

Dianne H.

Lisa H.

Mary I. 

Michelle J.

Dawn J.

Darla K.

Aimee K.

Susan K.

Grace K.

Kristen K.

Lorraine L.

Karen L.

Tamara L.

Wendy L.

Danielle N.

Debra N.

Terri O.

Karen O.

Christine P.

Jennifer P.

Susan R.

Lori R.

Pam R.

Sue S. 

Rebecca S.

Jodi T.

Terri V.

Lisa V.

Melanie W.

Michelle W.

Diane W.

Debbie W.