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Benefits of Clinical Trial Participation

  • Participants in clinical trials can receive a potential helpful treatment not yet available to the general public
  • The cost of study-related examinations, tests, and treatments are usually covered by the study sponsor
  • Participants take an active role in their own health care
  • During the study, patients receive extensive examination and follow-up from the physician and staff
  • Patients in the studies are the first to receive the new treatments if the studies prove them to be effective
  • Participants are involved in an important process that could lead to new treatment to help others and ensure ethical treatment
  • Monetary compensation for participation may be offered in some studies
  • Transportation, gas cards, or vouchers may be offered to cover the cost of travel to and from the study location
  • Participants are protected by federal safeguards in the study protocols
Most of the successful treatment options available today are the result of patient participation in a clinical trial.   Only you can decide whether taking part in a clinical trial is right for you.  Before you make your decision, you will want to be sure that you understand both the benefits and risks of participation and that your question about the study have been answered by your doctor.