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MacTel Study - A Natural History and Registry Study


Patients diagnosed with Macular Telangiectasia, or MacTel, are eligible for a natural history and registry study of MacTel (specifically studying the Group 2 MacTel).  The objective of this study is to create The Natural History Observation Registry (NHOR) of persons affected by MacTel Type 2 and their families.  The registry will help researchers further understand the disease and family genetics of those affected.  Participants are examined ONCE in the clinic and then contacted by phone yearly for follow-up or to see if they are interested in participating in any future treatment trials.

First degree relatives (siblings, half-siblings, children, and parents) of the proband (first person enrolled in the family diagnosed with the disorder) will also be approached to participate in in the Registry.  If any relative is diagnosed with MacTel Type 2, they are included.  Once at least one first degree family member of a proband is confirmed to have it, then other blood family members may be approached for participation.


Phase:        N/A
Disease:     Macular Telangiectasia - MacTel Type 2
Age:           18 and older.
Sponsor:    The Lowy Medical Research Institute
Status:       Currently Enrolling
Length:      No current end date


Key Inclusion Criteria:

  1. Age 18 years or older.
  2. Confirmed diagnosis of MacTel Type 2 -  (Characterized by minimal exudation.  They often have superficial retinal crystalline deposits, and right-angle venules.  Leakage occurs during fluorescein angiography without manifest retinal capillary dilation.)

Key Exclusion Criteria:

  1. No Diabetic Retinopathy with 10 or more microaneurysms and/or small retinal hemorrhages.
  2. No other confounding ocular conditions that may now or in the future complicate the evaluation of macular telangiectasia.


A Natural History Observation and Registry Study of Macular Telangiectasia Type 2 - The MacTel Study.


Sites:  Beachwood and Middleburg Heights
Study Coordinator:  Diane Weiss
Email: dew@retina-assoc.com
Phone: 216-831-5700